Redesigning TOVI


Redesigning TOVI

Design internship: Grado Design Oy, Spring 2020
Software: Solidworks

In the first project of my internship, I did product development in terms of the manufacturability and assemblability of the TOVI Dining table. Right from the start, I assembled one of Grado’s TOVI tables to get idea of the problems with table assembly and structure. The most of the table parts are made of sheet metal. In addition, I study sheet metal fabrication methods as well as similar existing table-related structures.

I spend about one week doing research and studying the sheet metal basics, then I started designing on Solidworks. I got original Solidworks files of the TOVI for the reference and two prototypes were ordered based on my CAD models. Especially after the first prototype, I made changes to improve the manufacturability and dimensions of TOVI.

TOVI Dining table: