Package design for TOVI


Package design for TOVI

Design internship: Grado Design Oy, Spring 2020
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Solidworks

First in this project I did some research and I studied the basic of the FEFCO-standards and the other packaging design basic principles. The challenge with TOVI's packaging was the weight and size of the metal parts. Packages should be protective and sturdy so that they are easy to handle and stacked on top of the pallet for transport.

I did some modeling based on my own designs and I presented my plan to a representative of the packaging company Bestpak. I collaborated with Bestpak to implement my plans, packaging dimensions and standards to the final packaging solution. The final packaging design is made by Bestpak.

The graphics of the packaging are made by me. I used Grado's other packaging and brand identity as a reference for the packaging style.